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In the 9th episode of YOU Killed the Priest, writers Mark Hermann and Rebecca Galardo the second half of Mark’s prompt from last week, which was an either/or prompt but we decided to do both! Today’s prompt is: Happy Your Burn Place! Mark felt he failed to capture the right vibes, but Rebecca thought he nailed it! Rebecca, on the other hand was completely unsure. Both created actual stories this time. No surprise, Rebecca’s is set in her current world of Fulton Hills. Both explain their processes and what they felt they loved or got wrong. What do you guys think? Did they both do the prompt justice? Or did they (especially Rebecca) fail? Take the prompt and try it yourself and then let us know what you came up with! MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE: Alone in a Room with Invisible People Rebecca’s book ‘Sister’ Follow us on the socials or Support…

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